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THE CYCLING ROOM is the most professional and versatile indoor cycling studio concept in the world. We offer classes with a look and feel from darkened nightclub to daylight picturesque landscapes. Our different class types make the concept unique in the indoor cycling market with age groups as large as 15-70! Our classes come with different intensity levels, durations and mood settings. No other concept will bring such a broad variation of customers to your studio.

We are built on foundations of real exercise science and measurable results. We create extraordinary rides using expertise in training, music sets and visual animations. THE CYCLING ROOM offers a comprehensive workout solution for our clients through proprietary programs and off-bike workout options. Each class is different and makes you want to train again.

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Low Investment - High Profitability

THE CYCLING ROOM has been designed by financial and industry experts to produce a low investment and high profit business. This enables you to enjoy financial success and benefit from the positivity of an industry that changes people’s lives for the better.

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Business in a Box

No prior business experience necessary

Never owned a business before? No problem. THE CYCLING ROOM’s business in a box will guide you step by step through to process of owning your very own indoor cycling studio.

Our 12-month marketing and sales strategies, pre-prepared classes and music sets and step by step operations manual mean that you can avoid all of the pitfalls of starting a business.

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TCR’s Global Support Network

You can be assured of support every step on the way to owning your very own THE CYCLING ROOM franchise. With your dedicated franchise manager and the support of our global network of experts, you will head into this new chapter of your life with the tools you need for success.

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You will be using the industry’s leading business and consumer CRM apps and plugins for client management, booking, payroll, accounting and marketing and sales automations. You will have an easy operation of your studio with lower staff requirements.

The studio is equipped with state of the art heart rate and power technology for performance tracking, THE CYCLING ROOM keeps you on the cutting edge of market trends. The creators of THE CYCLING ROOM passionately believe in giving the best in studio experience in the market, benefitting the franchisee and their customers alike.

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